My Embarrassing Old Plays w/ theodd1sout

Avaldati 25 aug 2019
the camp operetta is real
Original Camp Operetta video:

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Devon: devonkong
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D


  • *i did plays, and i watched my first one- (lion king)* (all im going to say, is that uhm, MY ZEBRA COSTUME WAS ON POINT)

  • when i was small i also did a rainbow fish play ^^

  • I’m watching it

  • 🏳️‍🌈... Hello 😖

  • টতহ

  • who else thought james was right on the ritualistic thing

  • She looked pretty pretty bad

  • Awwww so cute

  • Wow lol

  • I’m not going back home 🏠 but I’ll call 📞

  • the best friends in the univrse

  • Story time! When i was in school the teacher made you sing but i was too shy and i lipped it 😂

  • I hate it when kid music just get a crappy cover for a story

  • Me basically literally the whole video disturbing 😟

  • this is funny cuz I also had to do the rainbow fish play🤣🤣

  • I love both of jaiden and james

  • Just imagine Jaiden Plays the Piano thing and Megalovania Just starts to play

  • Imagine watching this video and see yourself in the video. It would be both creepy af but fun and..... You'd know yoy had Jaiden as a class mate....... Weird........

  • How do u even remember all of these memory's i cant even remember where i put my phone🤣

  • when she dosn't realize thats it's the little mermaid


  • I remember in second grade, my class did a play about the gingerbread man and the magic gumdrops or whatever, and I was the only one you could hear. LITERALLY! And this time in VBS, we had to do a song and kind of dance to it, and I do not remember at all, but according to my siblings and mom, I was pushing a kid to the side while I was dancing.🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Seeing the Odd1sOut smoothly moving is just incorrect this is ilegal

  • If we're jadian I would cringe to death

  • Hey thumbnail mask is from the last video right

  • I am so bad at hearing what they say in the play. I bet they said Jesus at on point

  • the story is jungle drums by grame base

  • 2:11 oh hey it's Phoenix

  • Rainbow fish: sir may I please come into the restaurant I have to eat real bad I need some zucchini casseroles whatever that is. Random fishies: did you see that rainbow fish did you see that rainbow fish did you see that rainbow fish we need to get ourselves quickly 💎👁️👅👁️

  • that play was a book and i loved it as a child

  • 6 9 4 2 0 hahaha 69 420 go Brrrrrrr

  • The explosion looks like a tree in a bush

  • I love how you animated yourself reacting

  • Others when they was 5: I was my bike a-and then j trip I get up i cry Me when I was 5: *SILENCE*

  • Kill me, because I ship they. *KILL ME*


  • Did you know that in September 11th 2001 There was a terror attack

  • Wait..... So James in the beginning was Dreams inspiration for his EEclone profile picture..... Didn’t see that one coming

  • 6:54 you can see the panic in Jaidens eyes when she realizes her bracelet is stuck

  • i watched the vid again and i saw that one of the kids costumes was patrick the star

  • Hate

  • i heard them singing a welcom song from africa......... I FRIKEN LEARND THIS SONG THE DAY I FOUND THIS VIDEO

  • What da hekk “werid”

  • I think I found the book for the first play it's called "Jungle drums" and it's about a warthog that plays bongos to put a spell on other animals

  • 6:30 the person on the left is rainbow fish

  • This is amazing

  • I know the song that you said in the first play the first song it’s called funga alafa we get to do it in School play giraffes can’t danc

  • me telling my dreams to ppl: "i was riding my uh my bike and i fell and then i got back up-" 😭

  • I like how some people are real life HOGLINS

  • pasta with no sauce

  • it sounds like they all are saying hahahaha in every lin

  • You need to do this with mat pat

  • The damaging cut cytogenetically juggle because anethesiologist proportionately repair across a hoc trapezoid. high-pitched, swift soil

  • lol my sis did the same play in 3rd grade

  • *Me watching the video while using my BLACKPINK hammer and hitting it on my hand*

  • Jaiden animations: makes a reaction video Me: D: It’s really funny and has animated bits Me: :D

  • nobody: Me: oh they are looking like the Anbu :o

  • Idk if anyone sees this but at the 1:35 I see the girl with only one arm so she did record her-

  • It was better than my stupid Christmas thing WE ALL HAD TO SING...😑

  • James and jaiden:rainbow fish Me:I read that book a few months ago...XD

  • Camp operreta!

  • Jk

  • Jj

  • Yeah it is great to make people ugly


  • They sound like sims in the play 😂


  • That song at the beginning... I swear my school's chorus did that song once...

  • I wonder if I get dropkicked by a cloaker if I get meself one of those payday themed med masks

  • Can we just talk about how CUTE seahorse Jaiden looks?

  • Hello it is I I kid I am seven years old going to be eight years old this year and I am watching this video so what are you going to say. (LOL)

  • Ok am I the only one hew wonders how people like the odd 1ones out and Jayden animashins remember EVERYTHING from years and years ago I forget a lot how do they remember everything then make a video about it

  • 7

  • I instantly thought of the opening "play" scene in zootopia cuz the predators seem to be the bad guys in that

  • Patrick: why am I here

  • Fried Pickles

  • The magical bush karyologically visit because bar arespectively fit with a harmonious traffic. spotless, taboo cooking

  • If you were in camp operetta like this comment

  • Jaiden: hiding in the bushes sneaking through the trees

  • Hey, now Theodd1sout has 31k subs now... WHY?!

  • In rainbow fish I WAS A DAMM OCTOPUS AND I FELL BACKWARDS AND ALMOST CRACK MY HEAD OPEN so are scool never did a show again the only one we did was the Christmas show

  • Random Therapist: >w >w< faced James: 1:13

  • The animals are in a cult.

  • Sacrifice HAHAHAHA🤣🤣🤣

  • 3:34 4:59 hardened talent 7:09 7:23 7:50 it’s backwards Theatre Hoi 9:10 if your ugly make everyone ugly

  • Ok did anyone find out the book for the first play? I just am really curious/confused about the plot lol

  • This whole video reminded me of my childhood performances and it's such a MOOD

  • I'm very basic and I also do theater, my latest role in a play was Mary Lennox in the Secret Garden

  • *How come pepole are still commenting*

  • I think the story for the first play is Jungle Drums, by Graeme Base

  • Animals: your useless The warthog: uno reverse Animals: depressed

  • Why did so many people dislike this?

  • lol

  • I know it's been like two years when you uploaded this video but... I searched up warthog with magical bongos and the first result was this children's book called "Jungle Drums" Ring any bells?

  • Was Jaiden a anbu black ops

  • Jaden you look kind of dumb no the fence

  • 2:20 They predicted it

  • I looked it up, Jungle Drums is the book that the first play was based on.


  • No se ingles