If you don't like reading, I've got the book for you

Avaldati 26 apr 2020
maybe reading isn't too bad when PET is here

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D just sayin... you can find the book on amazon if you're curious (not sponsored)


  • OK?????

  • If mn is considered the world's shortest poem, then why exclude some books from literature?

  • I legit thought it's gonna be warrior cats

  • All I heard is the book wings of fire

  • the thing is that im reading a manga for a school project so yea

  • This book looks SICK

  • Iv never read this book before, but I have seen it as an ad on the back few pages of a pokemon Manga I read when I was in elementary school. it looked interesting

  • 911 plez

  • Same jaiden I can imagine lots of stuff yesterday I just imagined I Lego coloured baryonx with a friend shrew who was running away from a spinosaurus and then they full battle like the t-Rex vs indominus and then they fall in a huge lake where a mosasaurus is stuck killing allot of stuff then those two battle then the baryonx swims out of the water the spino follows him then right when the spino gets out and full on kills the baryonx the mosasaurus full on jumps out himself and grabs the spino in to the water and eats him

  • Dang, it's obviously a gift from the lord. He gave you your favorite, and no man can do that alone. With god, though, it is possible.

  • Jaiden says harry potter and LOTR are horrible peices of litriture ME:Book worms rise

  • 4:12 wow.


  • I just really need to know if your a Weeb or an Otaku

  • How dare you call harry potter revolting. On second thought though...

  • 0:16 OUCH!

  • 0:29 AYYYYYYYE!

  • Why would I judge you for liking that book? Everyone likes what they like so nobody should judge you for what you like!

  • Jaydenere: building a video: EEclone's sapping my video. Video down

  • 4:21 Is that from Neverending Story?

  • Try Dog man.

  • iv read this book!!!

  • I LOVE Harry potter

  • How the HELL can you not like Harry Potter it might as well be sent from the gods

  • Jaiden you forgot ari’s birthday >:(


  • I changed my name

  • Well thats cool

  • I might read it maybe 📚

  • "Nope none of these REVOLTING PEICES OF LITIURTURE" i died.

  • Warrior cats : move out da way cus we comin through lol

  • you should read wings of fire!!!

  • Now i wanna read it!!

  • 4:10🤣😂🤣


  • jaiden i love

  • Is that woman there (right) bij 4:47 Ms Frizzle from the magic school bus?

  • NainI

  • Someone: Mangas aren’t real books! Me: **slowly pushes my box of manga into my closet**

    • Well, i get triggered when someone is like "Look at my book!" When it's a manga, but, it is a book, BUT NOT A COMICCCCC

  • Hey Jaden I got a book for you that may be good: Wings of Fire by Tui T Sutherlands

  • 4:00 amazing

  • You should read dog man

  • Is there a greek version of this book? Someone please tell me.

  • Lol you should give the anime how to train a mummy a try then if you like pet

  • Tktitokrtorkfrltl

  • 5:25 why a part of jaiden’s hair is black instead of brown

  • I would be ok if Jaiden got a book because i like people explaining their lifes

  • 1939272824

  • will we get Ari's birthday this year?

  • I love how the title in itself is a pun, because PET is an abbreviation referencing types of recyclable plastics

  • me with my orange juice watching this: GOTTA DRINK FAST DRINK FAST

  • well i read manga i think its a start

  • This whole video is just an unpaid ad for Pet.

  • nice engineer reference

  • I thought your favowite book was that story about the boys who have bird wings and scientists go hunt dem down to expeewement on dem

  • 1:55 I'm ganna kick it 🙂

  • Harry potters is better no question asked 😌 Expecto petroleum (Harry Potter says expelliarmus more)

  • How dare u say harry potter and lord of the rings is trash lol

  • Please post more videos

  • 4:24 is that the lego boi him self

  • Honestly I don’t like normal novels, but I love graphic novels.

  • Ma'am You have just insulted the entire potterhead community.

    • Yes, and that's great, because reading a book with 20000 words is without anything else is for crazy people. Manga good, so, get gud

  • There’s no way this was a year ago

  • Average Harry potter fan vs Average Leave it to Pet enjoyer

  • Jaden why is 6th grade math hard for me

  • you should animate that.

  • I only like comics and graphic novels


  • 29 seconds into the video and Jaiden made a TF2 reference

  • Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by PET, The Misadventures of a Recycled Super Robot

  • Somehow knew it was gonna be manga.

  • I could read for hours and not get bored and one book serious that will make me read for ever is the one and only Harry Potter so I was pretty sad when you called it garbage cause it's not.

  • I hate books

  • Jaiden you should just T R Y Harry Potter I know it may not be for you but just try

  • My favorite are the A Series of Unfortunate Series. Only because I thought it was a Harry Potter spinoff.

  • Was it Japanese?

  • ....yes

  • Jaiden saying Harry Potter when she hasn’t even read it.......

  • Saw this at my library recently and got it because I remember this video!

  • Adventure Time come on grab your friends go to very distant land jake the dog and Finn the Human the fun will never end its Adventure Time

  • Finn and Jake trying to find a new home it's going to be tough. I forgot the rest of the song AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • i still feel u yes yes -*-

  • 4:13 *2 year olds after eating sugar*

  • I sort of like books in a weird way, I only like them when it's the thing with the most fun I can do lol Also put your favourite books in the reply section if you want, mine is the long earth series

  • You(1:48) VS the guy she tells you not to worry about (2:27)

  • Make a video 2 times a day or I will unsubscribe

  • Check out the book with no pictures


  • Is this a joke

  • I think Jaiden would like Chi’s sweet home. It sounds a lot like pet and in a few years when Jaiden gets tired of reading pet, I think she might enjoy it.

  • 0:28 Wait a minute she did a TF2 reference.

  • 😄

  • A book I love is A Dragons Price. IM ADDICTED


  • 4:23 is that legoshi ? 🐺🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I remember seeing an ad for it on a pokemon manga

  • Jaiden: It's a manga. My weeaboo self: Is for me?

  • jaiden this ones just you, through research i havent found a single thread about the manga or a single translated online version of the manga.

  • You should check out The Cleopatra in space Series! You said in the last video you wouldn't read Sugegstions for books, but i think you’d like it because its a comic book and is easy to read like Pet

  • And there. glow in the dark