Watching my childhood videos w/ theodd1sout

Avaldati 10 märts 2019
just a fun trip down memory lane (except i don't remember like any of this)
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Denny: 90percentknuckles
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  • As someone who didnt have time to be a child i love this.

  • Cuteeee! You dressed up as SpongeBob!

  • First birthday: happy birthday to you! Date: sep 27 1998. me: what the-

  • I like your cut g*coming near to odds1out* i slap your circle head

  • Everyone who's name we know in this video starts with a J

  • Lol

  • Jaiden's mom kinda sounds like Jaiden herself tho

  • The jax dance is just like how my brother used to dance

  • Im in 1st grade.

  • 6:27it is the kk kids!

  • U guys r good frends

  • Jaidens mom saves the old video also jaidens mom:throws Jaidens balzikens plush (FYI idk how to spell blaziken like james)

  • m e g u s t a

  • I think that if Jaiden and James do another video together the intro should be the Jessie and James intro from team rocket

  • I had a power puff girl backbag

  • awwwwww lol

  • Baby jaiden is so cute

  • 8:44 is my fav part

  • Jax: *Hello sister* Jaiden: ✨ B U T C R A B ✨

  • And my brother is washing he is in Kindergarten

  • 1 time when I went to Disneyland Donald duck kiss my hand while we were in the cafe

  • Jaiden your birthday is the same as my cats... She's dead now. R.I.P

  • I know this video was a long time ago but lil jaiden said color and have fun just to put it out there 😂😂

  • I just realized that Jaiden was born on September 27th 1997 FACTS

  • FUN FACT OF THE DAY: JaidenAnimations is a Libra, but you can obv tell because shes BEAUTIFUL.

  • Psycho demon

  • The part of the kid eating glue is kind sus🤔😧😳

  • Me as a almost forth grader:👁👄👁

  • I’m not starting school but I’m starting middle school soon so I am terrified send help please I’m not ready

  • Everybody: Seeing the video Me: hearing James voice because in his channel he sounds so diffrent

  • The kkk

  • Jay for James XD

  • baby jaiden: i ran out of gas adult jaiden: i ran over france

  • I can't believe it

  • hi

  • Funny

  • Wait the dog name kaysha????? It like my name

  • Almost middle school. I think I might die

  • Can I eat people hair in kindergarten


  • Man micky mouse would have got punched by me-

  • James has a very creepy sounding forced laugh.

  • super people arent wierd i was super inserts name

  • 2 year anniversary to this masterpiece

  • *I want to die*

  • yea- this Doesn't look sus at all 7:44 _-_

  • james & jaiden the best friends in the universe

  • Spinkles

  • It's 12 years for all cells to be new, technically we're all aged 12

  • I am also born on 27 sep

  • I’m a kindergartner lol

  • Eyyyyyyy! I played Pots & Pans drums as a baby too! XD

  • Wait I had a super of my name

  • oh ms. jaiden is such a cutie! 15 years ago.. time flies.. back then i just got out of college. i feel old by just remembering what it was like 15 years ago -_-

  • If I was jax I would’ve called my self jaximus prime

  • I am in kindergarten

  • Jour birhtday is the same as may have sister

  • Are you asian??¿

  • jax? dumb, pink, and in a costume dressed up as patrick, must be kkk

  • WOAH jaiden ur birthday is sep 27?!? THATS A DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY

  • The fact your dad said "I think Jax is part of the KKK" around all those kids baffled me.

  • 0:21 N o T h o u g h t s. H e a d E m p t y.

  • 7:43 Jaiden animations out of context

  • I love how Jaiden was dressed up as spongebob and jax as Patrick

  • She actually says color not cuddle.

  • I remember my first day of kindergarten dude I remember this so vividly So I had a buzz cut (now I grow out my hair) and I shared a room with my sister which now Is me sleeping on a couch and I had this little plastic thing that is a drawer with wheels any way so I went and still go to a private school so that means... UNIFORM yay and I said to my mom because it was a collared shirt that had a little spider man print on it I WANNA WEAR DIS ONE I WANNA WEAR DIS ONE and my mom said no you need to be in uniform and so I out on the boring uniform shirt and got there. And on Fridays we had shirts we could wear like one with a logo for the school that the school gave us and I said to my mom he isn't wearing a uniform shirt. I forgot what my mom said. Then at the end of the day me being an idiot 5 year old thought we had to bring ALL the stuff we brought from home back to school so I was just carrying all my stuff and the teacher who I will call hmm miss.razor because I see a razor said to me what are you doing and I said carrying my stuff back and she said we leave it at school. I was like oh ok. I forget what happens the rest of the day

  • Even the captions say (Young Jaiden)

  • Don’t konichiwa yourself

  • Guys this video is not for kids :/ :/ :/ :/ :/

  • I’m in second grade STILL

  • umm you we're bron when the frist U.S.A Godzilla came out cool

  • 4:15 SHE LOOKES LIKE ME WHEN I WAS A BABY- I found my lost twin sister '-'

  • Super j’s gotta catch them all


  • Comer and have fun

  • Am I the only one who realized that James’s niece started school on the middle of covid

  • 𝙸 𝚊𝚖 𝟿 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚒 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚞𝚛 𝚟𝚒𝚍𝚜

  • I’m in 4th grade

  • 14 years ago bruh

  • I love how she took the time to animate their reactions while watching the videos

  • I speak fluent baby and I can reel you when baby Jaiden was driving the pink car she didn't say "I ran over France!" She said "I ran out of gas!" She also didn't say "at school we are going to cuddle!" She said "at school we are going to color!"

  • R u guys married

  • I thought they said Happy birthday to sans

  • is Jack something else YT

  • Dunno why I just like the part when Jaiden's parents said it's okay with the hat thing and they can get her another one. Maybe because I just like kids getting something more than usual on special occasions; a little something for the kid to feel special/ or happy (despite Jaiden feeling anxious about it, it's an "aww~ that's nice" moment for me)

  • *pathta with No Thauth...*

  • I am in class 3

  • I’m a kindergartner!

  • Me sees james art style Me thinks Me HE SLIM BOI


  • cringe. Yes

  • JJ forever 😻😻

  • he hides Allah's eggs

  • Don't cook the eggs the eggs the eggs the eggs the eggs the eggs the egggggggggggggggggggs!

  • Don't cook the eggs

  • i like how the dad chilly says oh loom he is part of the kkk

  • What are you talking about the Easter bunny I heard somebody the Easter bunny eat somebody and now this is creepy

  • jaiden is cute when she was young 🙂

  • 2:50 just