My Childhood Obsession with Animals

Avaldati 22 sept 2019
i cannot be stopped (jk my parents stopped me)

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you find a creature that brings you as much joy as I do to Ari


  • What happen with coffee

  • i got a muse omg

  • As a snake owner, snakes are very easy to manage

  • So. Far. i have a dog.

  • Everyone wants pets like dogs and cats and birds but I want (russian accent increases) pet ak-74 (not an ak 74u) with real wood made from and oak tree with an amazing full metal receiver with an FPS of over 400. Edit: you should probably note this is airsoft... sadly.

  • Ngl I think it's an advantage having parebts that don't give you animals you want. Bcs my parents couldn't handle my begging for animals and now I have to take care of 2 cats and 2 rats...

  • :(

  • I want a bird but I can not

  • I have 5 dogs 10 cats 5 fish and 2 hamsters

  • Lol I'm in 6th grade!!!

  • Actually I’m using meh dads account so I’m just saying jaiden that someday I’ll have a animal room and u can pet one

  • I got 3 bearded dragons

  • I had a fish I won at the county fair and it lived for around 13 years. And the only reason it died was because it jumped out of the tank...

  • My frog died. His na,e was squiggly, and he lived 5 years.

  • i ask my dad and mom to get a dog but they said no but i do’t go to that Intent.

  • Dude what

  • does anyone like cats???.......... better than dogs

  • Ari

  • OH! OH! OH! I still love Maximum Ride! There's a manga too!

  • I must say that it's horrifying how people treat fish like they are less than other animals, or like they don't feel pain or something. If Jaiden was talking about any other animal, she would be instantly labeled as an animal abuser. "I had a dog but I forgot to feed him so he died, oops hehe. But no worries, my parents got me another one. Too bad I didn't feed it either so it died too." Must say though, that that was mostly on her parents. They decided to get her pets she didn't want in the first place, they failed to take care of them / rehome them (not counting the two last ones) when they noticed she didn't take proper care of them, and they, for some godforsaking reason GOT HER MORE OF THEM AFTER SO MANY HAD ALREADY DIED. Fish are animals too. They deserve to be treated humanely too. They don't deserve to be put through any unneccessary pain (like making them starve to death) either. On the other hand, it was good how she and her cousin were spending such a long time gathering information about the animals they wanted to get. So many people see an animal, decide they want it and at most ask the pet store employee how to take care of it. (Which is not enough btw, they are rarely taught enough information about the animals, and usually not the proper care. Unless the employee has the animal in question themselves and has proper knowledge how to care for them, they are not the best people to get care information from.) So I'm confident she's a good caretaker for Ari, and most likely will do proper research before getting another pet since she's grown to be very responsible and hard working. And just to mention this again, I don't think I can blame her that much on the fish. She was a kid and didn't even want the fish, and she wasn't trying to hurt them. It was mostly on her parents for not realising this. (But honestly if my (metaphorical) kid kept neglecting the animal (there would be only one smh) I got them I would not be getting them the animal they wanted, at least not in a few years, since that shows that they can't be trusted to take care of that animal. And in another video Jaiden even said that she didn't always take proper care of her dog either...)

  • “Maybe we could shape these fish into a dog” peta is coming

  • Touche mother... Favorite line

  • But not a kid

  • Yeah i am i'm a fan

  • i seen one fall out a tree and helps it and it went to some animal place

  • that "make him say the f word" kid/random kid #1 is funny cuz he kept saying "make him say the f word"

  • I love dogs so i act like a dog

  • Just going to say I have a ferret and I am obsessed with him like your cousin

  • I’m as obsessed with hamsters as much as Jadien was with birds as a kid. I’m getting one in like 1-2 months!

  • I have a hedgehog witch is like a spiked Mouse

  • Dudes, I found something, if your reading this, animals need your help. Animal testing is killing innocent creatures all over the world. Such as Monkeys, Dogs, Cats, Mice, Rabbits, and more. Do whatever you can to stop these tests. Save the animals. Copy and paste this anywhere you can. Stop animal Dudes, I found something, if your reading this, animals need your help. Animal testing is killing innocent creatures all over the world. Such as Monkeys, Dogs, Cats, Mice, Rabbits, and more. Do whatever you can to stop these tests. Save the animals. Copy and paste this anywhere you can. Stop animal testing! Only buy cruelty free products such as Burt’s bees. STOP THE MADNESS TODAY. Subscribe to peta. Lea if you can see this spread the word.! Only buy cruelty free products such as Burt’s bees. STOP THE MADNESS TODAY. Subscribe to peta. Jaiden if you can see this PLEASE try to help them!

  • I love all kinds of pets

  • i read maximum ride too

  • I have a two cats!

  • would you became a vet Jaiden Animations

  • I had a fish when I was little, and my mom fed it to much and it died. To this day I still do not have a pet unless you count the mice that have infested the basement.

  • 7:16 ---> 7:24 Ari being Ari for 8 minutes straight.......... JK, srry Ari....

    • 7:52 Is ur kid mad?

  • Jaiden: talking Ari: destroys everything

  • Scruffy used to be my old toys name and he was the exact same breed and the same colour

  • My parents dont like cats a lot but on my 21st birthday (I'm still living with them don't judge) I begged for a cat for a present and not long after my birthday I got a kitten for my very own! So for those of you who want a animal, just stay quiet and beg for it when your birthday is around :)

    • Why would I judge about your age IM GONNA JUDGE YOU FOR GETTING A CAT

  • I was obsessed with dogs. Now, still obsessed with dogs.

  • Wow ari's life is a lie

  • I have a mouse but its a rat something rite 😉😅😅

  • One of my fish died

  • I have a pet dog

  • Jaiden:*muffled* can we get a dog Me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁 😹

  • I have a littly doggy so cute

  • I have a young sugar glider named sugar

  • lol this relatable but i still don't have a pet


  • 7:52 maybe not cuz is dedly

  • You cant really play with my pet

  • Hi

  • I have a gecko do

  • Ferret's are great


  • But what happened to her dog?

    • @Whatever you need oh that sort of sad.

    • Scruffy? He passed away before she opened her channel I think

  • I have 2 goldfish and they have survived like 2 years and I have a cat now and they are still alive so, cool

  • i have a rat.

  • I have three dogsI live in Peru but I am using Spanish-English to communicate

  • I have a have a pet bird he as annoying as ari

  • My 8th birthday is on august 24

  • Happy woth five dogs

  • Dogs: Exists Jaiden parent's: chuckles i'm in danger

  • i have a bird (:

  • Parrots need sooooo much space... And you need two... same counts for any other bird, rats and mouses and most rodents. They need each other or they get ill.

  • come to my place now

  • I like insects except cockroach

  • Fishs dont have blod

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals!!!!!!!!

  • I am very sad today we found a baby bunny in our garage and it ded T^T it had gotten in last night and we closed the garage so it was stuck and got really really cold we found it and we tryed to keep it alive but it died and we had a funeral

  • I get you. I keep asking for a dog over and over again

  • sugar gliders and flying squirrels are NOT closely related so stop calling a sugar glider a flying squirrel (it annoys me).

  • well when i was kid i want a mudkip pet ( i was in love whith pokemon emerald) so my mum has to tell me that pokemon doesnt exist :(

  • That moment when your name is Lola (5:48): 👁️👄👁️

  • I live with chickens 17

  • My brother named his fish fishy

  • Errrrrrrrrrrgrrrrrrrrrrrmrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsrrrrrrrrrrrrcrrrrrrrrrrdrrrrrrrrrrr I hate these videos but I watch them to see if you get better

  • Guess what my first sentence was I want dog I wanted the dog since the day I was born and my mom got me A toy dog and I screamed and I cried and I say I want dog

  • Jaiden: I’ve always been an animal lover Me: girl, same Jaiden: no, like I LOVE animals Me: WHO DOESN’T!?

  • Me: **After Watching This Video** and going to the pet store and petting a cockatiel. Me: Yeah. I want a cockatiel now.

  • One time when I was 8 or 9 years old, I really want another dog, I have one but I want another one so on Christmas I ask Santa to give me a dog but ending up a TOY dog. I was upset so I give it to a family friend

  • My dad is going to get me a dog


  • Did anyone else think the hamster at the end might of been a refrence to the odd1sout's hamster pumpkin seed?

  • i have 5 pets come to my house and you will be able to play with each one for three hours

  • When I told my mom and dad to buy a pet for me they destroy me with Thier hands

  • What platform do you animate on Jaiden?

  • i read that book too

  • I have a pet at my house that you can see and I'm pretty sure you will love it the dog it is black and white but it isn't in my house it's in my dad's house so I'm pretty sure you would love it if you see it Jaden animation

  • my mom hates butterflies._.

  • My dad always said the same thing to me. I wanted a bird and he said what any parent would say "You can get one when you move out" At least I have a dog :) I'm hold back on the bird fo now.

  • Jaiden's parents:**gives her a dog after 3 or 5 years** My parents:oh well study more and I will give you one when your 20

  • What does ari do?

  • Seriously Komodo dragon 🤣🤣🤣

  • 2:08, Me to jaiden, me to

  • 2:06 me 2018

  • 4:27 hello internet!welcome to video theory!Today we're looking at the fastest fictional characters EVER

  • Ok ngl I think everyone who has had a fish named theirs rainbow at one point. I re-named mine about everyone week.

  • MaYbE iF wE sHaPeD ThEsE fIsH iNtO a DoG sHe WoNt nOtIcE me; LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO