Being the Best/Worst Ever

Avaldati 2 dets 2018
life, amirite?

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Devon: devonkong
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  • I think it's just me, but why does she keep cutting herself off from saying "sociopath"?

  • jaden was nice !!!

  • Don’t say that, you can be better than me

  • Hey my favorite color is purple...and I'm a guy

  • did she say 2020?

  • why in 2018 does it seem that jaiden is touching on such a depper level then 2020/2021 wow

  • 9:01 madara at that moment well, i just want to say im a huge fan

  • 5:26 Jesus Christ was Jeremiah born near a nuclear power plant

  • Jaiden: *"People who like purple are freaks!"* Me: *"Then why are you wearing a purple T-shirt?"*

  • “Hindsight is 20/20” Me who thought she said 2020: yes

  • What page did jaiden end up on WHAT PAGE DID JAIDEN END UP ON *WHAT PAGE DID JAIDEN END UP ON*

  • The scared angle noticeably kneel because ounce neatly scratch past a rustic grass. homeless, alluring hot

  • i wish i were like jaiden. jaiden is so cool!

  • Did he eat a baseball?

  • Jaiden really has a way with words :0

  • i related to this whole video WAYYYY too much

  • who is that guy who keeps showing up? 6:54

  • 8:25 I wheezed

  • how you know I'm nothing when I draw😂😂😂😂😂

  • 3:35 is that GinganingaOwO I see or are my eyes fooling me

  • be proud of yourself and dont push yourself too hard

  • 6:08 excuse me My favorite color is purple and I'm a normal guy

  • Impostor syndrome sounds pretty sus

  • “hey man thanks fo being alive” “uh... thanks :3”

  • 3:30 Thas kinda sus tbh

  • It bought he was eating base balls

  • dont say we are destined to be hit by a meteorite and perish

  • My art teacher said Purple wasn’t a color.....he was strange

  • 6:06 Hmmmm I guess that’s true... *looks at purple guy*

  • Jaiden: People who like purple is freaks Me: :/ Also I know she didn’t mean it. I like blue, black, purple, and pink. I am a guy and I don’t like people who say pink is a girl color. T-T I also hate how it hard to find a no logo pink shirt.

  • My favourite colour is purple...

  • 6:26 Jaiden: Don't do things based on ur life when u were 9. Me:rerembering when I was 9 having a mental breakdown in life. Asking what is the purpose and want to DIE.

  • 9:05 Is that All Might?!?

  • Jaiden I love you! You are awesome 3:

  • 6:07 Jaiden why did you say that people liking purple are freaks! I like purple...

  • Yes, me. How do I not be imposter? A question I’ll keep asking myself forever.

  • Scribbles stink, huh? Says scribble showdown competetitor

  • But i like purple

  • Jaiden

  • When I play piano I don’t even try to do a recital or song I just wanna do random things

  • 4:16 HE WANTS TO BE LIKE ME :0

  • me: I'm going to do my homework all today me three days later: nah its not too late i still have two hours

  • Jaden I like purple too

  • 5:51 I did this too Lol

  • dab on the haterz "see what i did there....with the z... hehe"

  • I love purple 😐

  • 5:08 HHHHH!

  • who else cried because they are a kid and she says that you are a waste of dippers?

  • Look I got too much self improvment 😔

  • I say i don't have a future because if i see someone who is really good at....And I want to do it too....but...i don't think i am good enough for if i go to a school competion I don't even try i just sit there and do nothing because i know I will never future is blank.....


  • youre alive (clap clap ) good work keep going

  • In school we had report cards and my crush always had A's meanwhile I had C's F's and D's in conduct and I compared myself to her but stopped with her support

  • 1

  • This is very relevant to probably everyone.... including me

  • Jaiden: PEOPLE WHO LIKE PURPLE ARE FREAKS! Me: (sadness noises)

  • I like your EEclone channel and I really hope most of you or who are reading this or thinking you like her too because I feel sorry for her

  • Jaiden: people who love purple are *freaks* ! The walls of mah bedroom: 👁👄👁


  • Im in the "huh only one other person knows whats going on with me and im lieing to all these other people because im building this other person thats half because I want them to like me and half because im afraid of people knowing to much about me" sage

  • dabs XD

  • but my friend likes purple :(


  • I've learned more than Jaiden from school tbh XD

  • I just came here from someone making a music video from this and now I can only hear it IN SONG!!!

  • My sis:!!!!!!!!!!😠😡😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Jaiden:people who like purple are freaks! Me:are u calling my sister a freak!

  • impostor syndrome😳😳😳😳😳

  • Going through a current breakup your positivity helps me get through it

  • Jaiden: BECAUSE PEOPLE WHO LIKE PURPLE ARE FREAKS! Me: but I like purple..

    • she likes purple too lol

  • When I was 9 I acted as the people I washed and my room was pike and full of cute cat pictures and spas' stuffer and for I now it it was full of creepy stuffer and I stop it .

  • But my favourite colour is purple(lavender)

  • Hello Its Greg from Apple Explained

  • 3:45 this is why you NEVER google anything

  • 6:07 my favourite colour is purple. Thank you.

  • Me: **trying to draw something very simple** My brain: 4:34

  • Jaiden is the therapist we all need

  • That INTRO

  • This is your brain on negativity? That looks like the PSA about drugs.

  • I love how Jaiden roast a baby for no reason, kind of feel bad for the baby tho

  • I love the baby scene

  • 0:08 *South park flashbacks*

  • I like the color purple

    • @Cruz Grace oh nice what's your favorite semicolor basically second favorite mines magenta

    • SAME

  • 9:08 ALL MIGHT!!!! HE IS HERE

  • My high school senior quote: You don’t know how far you can go until you see how far you have come. You are your own best comparison. Always compare who you are to only who you were and who you want to be, and nothing else!

  • This is one of the best videos I've ever watched. Thanks

  • sus

  • 3:37 fusion dance from dragon ball z lol


  • Jaiden: because people that like purple are FREAKS My brother: so you have chosen death

  • jake paul watching this be like I'm too cool to watch this video

  • hihihihihi

  • 0:0 mhhpemb

    • 0:00

  • 4:23 Did anyone else see the fingernails, baby teeth and hair? Or the demonic signs?

  • I was about to give i hope this help me :(

  • My parents:"you should i dentify your self not to compare yourself to" Also my parents:why cant you be just like the neighbors kid

  • i do this but i get to the point where im happy and realize that but then i think im settling bynot doing more bc i want to be happy

  • 8:23 Best part

  • Watching this reminded me of when I posted a drawing I colored for a friend on Deviant Art and I had some guy comment saying that I should stop doing art because I'm terrible at it. I just ignored it and kept doing art, because I liked doing it. Now, I just procrastinate and replay old video games rather than improve on my coloring skills and never use this $250 graphic tablet.

  • Wow, we are so similar. You're like my actual therapist that keeps my mental health and happiness in check, but also makes sure to inform me about negative stuff in life. Thanks!