Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)

Avaldati 1 juuli 2018
why sleep when you can convince yourself you should worry about everything?
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Music: Assembly line frustration by ionics

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D get a good night's rest tonight. that's an order.


  • 5:06 the Zoom notification actually made me check my chats XD

  • Did you know inroverts are rare and people who is a inrovorets are special

  • haha being awkward having paranoia and crippling depression but still being an extrovert to hopefully one day get rid of crippling depression but yet it will not leave but im fine im okay nothing to worry

  • Vomit on my sweater already, mom spaghetti. The sudden Eminem rap hahaha

  • I hope your ok 🥺

  • He's nervous but on the surface he was calm and ready to drop bombs but keeps on forgetting what he wrote down the whole crowd go so loud he opens his mouth with the walls will come out he's choking now everybody's choking now times Up over loud

  • im soooooooooo deprest PLEASE HELP ME !!!😎😊😌😙😜😎😒😒🙁😩😠🥵😥🤫😬😮😪🤮😇😍😚🤪🥸😞☹️🥺😡🥶😓🤥🙄😲😵🤧🙂🥰😋🤨🤩😔😣😢🤬😱🤗😶😯🥱🤐😷🙃😘😛🧐🥳😟😖😭🤯😭😭😭🤯😨🤔😐😦😴🥴🤒😉😗😝🤓😏😕😫😤😳😰🤭😑😧🤤🤢🤕

  • Don’t ever say that about yourself pls fix it okay 😊😊😊😌😌☺️☺️

  • Omg omg like me too

  • Naw what you said was heard by 18mill

  • It’s bad that if I’m having a bad day I watch this thank you jadien

  • Which means I hate myself and think everyone hates me to I relate

  • PEE IS STORED IN THE blatter

  • people: calm down and let’s talk my social anxiety: *DEMONIC SCREM*

  • Jk it can jump in a microwave killed me LMAOOO

  • Just 7k more subs and u get a diamond play button 💎

  • Me: breaths my anxiety: you're breathing too loud people are going to notice you Me: stops breathing my anxiety: NOW YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO LIVE this is what it is like being both an introvert and having anxiety

  • 3:35 jaminem

  • what jk mean.

  • Good video

  • I dont know why this happens, but sometimes when im walking to do something to do something and im tired, if i see a big pillow or blanket, my body just flops over. and someone has to snap me back to reality. *realizes that was cringe* *comments it anyway*

    • * realizes i said something twice*

  • I actually have social anxiety though not nearly as much as jaiden. Her comment on her color backpack leading to people judging her was pretty relatable. I think the difference between me and what we think when we think social anxiety is that I don’t let my anxieties rule how I act.

  • For how many people is this relatable ? ✋

  • I'm just here to say generalized anxiety disorder is a *bitch*


  • well, the shane dawson thing didnt age so well

  • Why did I cry?

  • Hey I got a BAD case of an existencial crisis which gave me a gigantic anxiety. (a video made me think I was trapped in a dream)

  • I'm deppresion *wat*


    • I have fucking social anxiety and my 2nd period is literally all the kids that had ADHD- (Totally not including me-

  • Anxiety really sucks

  • i have social anxiety too

  • Ok one thing I will say is a big problem especially if you’re on TikTok is that people will fake depression all the time. So like say you are depressed and decide hey I’m gonna talk about it people will think you’re faking it due to those people who actually do fake it that’s a really bad image on people who actually have depression like myself. So if you someone who fakes mental illnesses is reading this please stop, it’s not ok and some people actually suffer tremendously from it.

  • ME: *hits downvote as a lol* GF: *AUDIBLE GASP*


  • 4:24 glad to know it not only me

  • 4:54 *me waking up in the morning

  • Fun fact i am 12 years old but i still don't know what anxiety means.

  • 2:35 how peta see's the world

  • Yaa everyone loves u

  • I'm happy to know that others do in fact feel like I do.

  • I have Adhd and parts of autism

  • 0:08 Me: Are u mad?

  • I have social anxiety as well. 😊😊😊

  • I had this one substitute teacher who screamed at me since I want making eye contact and had my hood up so she was saying I was hiding something. What the-

  • And it sucks very much

  • Hey I am right with you on the social anxiety Im 11 so yeah ,😐

  • jaiden if we all hate you you would not have any subscribers

  • I like you

  • Anxiety is one of those things you get and it doesn’t go away, and people think that its all your fault you have it, when in reality it’s typically caused by trauma. Isn’t it great?

  • when i was a kid u was up at 1am but now i go to bed a 10 am but i was 8

  • 3:35

  • IDK how i dont suffer from anxiety help

  • I have misophonia

  • why specifically a microwave, why not a toaster?

  • 1:34 KRACKO

  • Easter egg 1:35 kracko from kirby

  • I want to be' your new beast friend....but you speak a different Langueges that i speak with also my original langue...but i scarde to not make you undestand

  • I feel bad for jaiden. Good job and cool vid

  • the thing is, one time I was walking down the hall to music class, there were these girls behind me, and then I heard them laughing about someone walking weird, now I assumed it was me, cuz we were the only ones in that hall at that moment, plus I was walking weirdly. SO LIKE U NEVER KNOW TBH

  • It's so amazing how open she is about this yet doesn't expect everybody to care (we really do) I just realized that sounded really weird even though it was a compliment okay whatever bye

  • 3:32 lol

  • Jaiden: OOOOOOOH! I have ANXIETY! Me: wow, join the club

  • My happy song: Jaiden watch Jaiden for Happiness~~~~~

  • Me having depression, Anxiety and dyslexia at age 11 ;-; lIfE iS gReAt

  • Jaiden is the god of youtube

  • Love this: 0:00-0:09

  • L from death note

  • 0:04 for some reason the first person that caught my eye in that humongous crowd photo thing that has been copy pasted a bunch of times was L from DEATHNOTE like if u saw him

  • Where is pee stored? You cut off before you told me

  • Me: this ice pack says it microwavable I wanna warm it up >:) Anxiety : what if it explodes and end up burning ur entire house? Me: nah it couldn’t be that ba- Anxiety: what if it kills you. Me: well- uhhhm wouldn’t that be the branders fault for false advertising? Anxiety: did u even use that term correctly- Me: well Uhm Anxiety: what if it explodes and then u gotta clean it up but then ur entire family hates you for it Me: well. Uhm. Let’s test it out?.. (It didn’t explode we all good)

  • I know o shouldn't base my life off of it, but this advice is really helpful

  • Ima Near 11 Year Old An I Am Broken. Not Gonna Lie... I Feel Stress Insanity An Lose... 😢 An I Haven't Got IRL Help. Only Online Friends Helping Me.

  • begging your parents to buy you mechanical pencils when you have 2 that are not existing anymore and on mothers day: i fell that.

  • Honestly, yeah.

  • For me I don’t have anxiety but I am self-conscious which is common for like everyone soooo

  • me seeing shane dawson in the beginning: oh yeah 2018 was before he got cancelled

  • She's basically talking about when you run the basement stairs cuz you're scared a monster will grab you

  • 1:03 skip back 10 seconds she will say forget about crippling depression

  • yes mental health is really important and you need to be open with people about it I just told my mom all about my depression, anxiety, and, suicidal thoughts now go get help yall

  • This is too relatble

  • Me who has anger management issues: Ik I’m crap but... idk

  • Lol

  • The person below me is cringe

  • I love the lose yourself reference!!

  • hehe anxiety jump off of me

  • The first thing that jaiden says made mw laugh so hard that it was hard to breath (yes im still alive

  • As someone with NPD, Narcissism & anxiety are not the same thing.

  • I guess I have social anxiety too.

  • I guess I'll open up here to since I my sister already has depression and my parents don't believe her. So I'll just have to vent here 2019 is the worst year for me, stopped talking to my friends since I felt like I was bothering them. So 2020 came around and I had like 2 friends (I had 9 back then) so that's fun. Then since corona went down and I'm in hybrid so small classroom of 10. And I just never thought that they'd like me or want to talk so I didn't talk to them I always walked behind them. Which if you know that feeling you know, and everyday after school I go home and cry, and sometimes I think people will be happier with me dead. But I have to hide it and pretend I'm happy.... thanks for reading :(:

  • paralysis is anxiety

  • 3:31 wow this happened a lot to me

  • 0:00

  • I has some anxiety

  • Im not sure if i have anxiety. Lemme explain. I overthink A LOT thinking theres a ghost haunting me someone is under my bed- (IM ON MY BED HELP) i overthink my family will have bad luck, they will die- yeah i think that and its been intense bc i KEEP. THINKING.THAT. and i also think ppl think bad abt me :> is that anxiety-?

    • @Lyndsay Bernice XDDddDdDD LETs MAkE Fuj oF My DIAgNoSEs LolLOloL-

    • @Milklair lol-

    • It’s a mixture of being anxious and having anxiety along with some social anxiety.

  • Social anxiety I know everything about it

  • 4:24 I found her profile picture

  • Jaiden I have the feeling that the dog from duck season is gonna kill me in my sleep or when I’m alone I FEEL YOUR PAIN

  • I spent years with a therapist that didn’t help me at all. After a few years I went to a new therapist and now I am good. I still deal with my GRAD but overall I’m a lot better than I used to be.

  • Anxiety is listening to bloody streams beginning only over and over again