The worst thing that's ever happened to me

Avaldati 7 juuni 2020
lol december wasn't great

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  • *i like bugs and none likes me for it* *haha*

  • Mine is so ichy when I have an allergic reaction its hurt itz like burning me alive

  • I’ve had a epi pen before it’s soooo good

  • When she woke up and saw it was worse then went back to bed i was saying that me

  • Tkood be worse

  • When you got hives again didn’t you say he gave you the epi pen

  • I had a really similar thing happen, but with more swelling. My hands swelled up first, both to the point where they were 2-2.5x as thick as they should have been. I had more extreme pain immediately, and by the time I was basically forced to go the hospital, I could barely even hold a pen to sign my name on the sign in sheet and I had hives and swelling over most of my body. My face was so swollen it looked like I was deformed and the area around my eyes was so bad I could barely see past the swelling. I just remember them asking me to sign the thing, to which I just held up my hands in response. They said to try to sign it anyways because apparently paperwork matters more than extreme pain. I think I might have had to use both hands, I can't really remember, but I got some scratched-out approximation of my signature on it. I ended up getting multiple blood tests, some kinda scan I barely remember because I was out cold (narcolepsy + IV benedryl is the greatest thing ever, forget Epi-Pens; I was out cold before they even finished the injection). Thanks to IV benedryl, I spent the next couple of days in the hospital barely aware of anything going on. Only thing I remember is someone gave me a shot in the hand in the middle of the night (which hurt like a mother f....) and the hospital had surprisingly good food. Absolutely no idea what caused it, I wasn't overly stressed or anything (although I probably should have been, given I was about to graduate college). Only guess is some fake snow that was being used to shoot a scene for a movie outside the building I lived in. It was a bad time. Oddly enough, I had my issue only a couple of months before yours, near the end of August.

  • How many people started scratching themselves and continued to do so when Jaiden mentioned her itchiness?

  • I love grasshoppers Lol

  • Her talking about her hives Me: "That sounds painful" Also me around the end of the video: *starts itching, and makes connection as to what's happening* "Well, maybe it won't be as painful as it sounds"

  • nothing more,nothing minus,a cat crash,yes.

  • i like bugs :)

  • I love your videos so much they are the best

  • *WOW*

  • then why did you want to buy ari in the first time?

  • 6:05 that animation was so cool

  • Lol she was scared me cause I love her UwU

  • This happened to me

  • “You know the standard things on the Christmas list: puppy’s, Nintendo switch’s... your dad to finally return with the milk”

  • I feel your pain.

  • The worst experience of my life was losing my teddy that I had since I was born, I took teddy everywhere and played with her and I took her to a cafe when I was 6 and went home without her. I breakdown every time I think about it. I miss my wee teddy more than anything

    • My parents told me they got her back but the teddy had “my first teddy” on the foot instead of the chest. I knew they bought I similar teddy but I look at my new teddy as a reincarnation

  • I got hives when I was 9 y.o

  • Hi I’m Jaxson I love your vids and one day I want to be a animater

  • What happened to ari when she left to go to Arizona

  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra

  • Bra

  • At least you have a skin condition that can simply go away after you took medication, and you were able to know what cause it. I on the other hand have a eczema on my right hand that just can't go away, and I don't even know what causes it to flare.

  • Hm if I saw this like 4 or 3 years ago when I was 4 years or 5 I think it was 4 if I saw this when I used to be elergic to peanut butter I would of been like “you want me to die?” At leased im not allergic to anything now

  • I had hives before and still do

  • POV: you got hives and you’re watching this video trying to see if your symptoms are similar. Lol

  • 6:12 they have the same hair!

  • this reminds me of when i stepped on a stingray in a beach at calafornia

  • The labored window bailly boast because name really weigh astride a confused deficit. meaty, overwrought double


  • The pain where it hurts to touch things happens normally to me I call it "The Spikes"


  • I got hives once when I was in school so I got sent home By the nurse And when I got home I just took a bath and it went away So I think they weren’t hives.

  • I've been to Arizona once

  • 4:00 pog devil trying to poo Wait i am allergic to scratch and always had reb parts and bumbs and when alcohol is on me it burns

  • It's eid for me rn jaiden lol

  • My name is Cruz and her friend is Cruz

  • i got hives and i watched this about 3 times and it was all over with the painful itch and i went to the doctor and yes i had hives. i knew i did before i went to the doctor because i have watched this video

  • So I’ve watched this video like a month ago and I just found out my little brother has Hives and he’s only 8 and now I’m seriously worried for him

  • H I V E S

  • I’ve had hives

  • Jaiden:for dad to finally find milk Me:is that Izuku Midoriya from mha

  • I have almost died from an allergic reaction and the funniest part is I'm only 13

  • can definitely agree, my mom overworked herself by working two nursing jobs for a year, one of them being one of the most stressful types of jobs on the NIGHT shift (she has a ton of stories, like a full grown man in his underwear wearing a binkie chasing her until he tripped and passed out) and a day shift nursing job that I don't really remember because I was either not in school or in kindergarten when she did this, but it required going to daily meetings, driving to all her patients' houses, and doing stuff I never saw because I stayed in car while she did it, and add that to driving my dad to work (he didn't have a drivers' license), homeschooling me before I was in kindergarten, and driving me to school for half a school year, on january of my kindergarten school year, my momgot gbs, which mimics stroke systems and is basically like if a a cell sees another cell and doesn't have his glasses on because he thinks it's an intruder and starts an immune system civil war. She hasn't fully recovered, still not being walk more than like 200 ft and not really being able to lift heavy objects, but she is doing pretty good and she is basically the same as she was before gbs, but with less jobs and less doing stuff



  • Same thing happening to me rn

  • I rlly love the tiny you its so cool

  • The cover reminds me of Denki when he fries his brains

  • Getting itchy when in the bed hmmm I think your allergic to the bed

  • Big oof hives are "somewhat" rare ( genetically )

  • On no a

  • omg on christmas of 2020 i got hives all over my body

  • yo omg i literally had the same exact thing happen to me... It was 10/10 the worst experience I have ever gone through...

  • I have an allergic reaction when I was 6, A GOD DAM SHRIMP make me had an allergic reaction, it hurted so much but my dad discovered that the shrimp was spoiled, hecking restaurant I hate it >:""c

  • Jaiden: i was on steroids Me: but for how long? I had it for a year and a half and I don’t have hives

  • jaiden you rock

  • I am literally suffering from hives right now

  • 2:46 when the chair is sus. I am so sorry

  • wait- i had this- ;-; it just went away naturally but came every night for weeks x-x

  • THATS ME WHEN I BROKE MY CHIN. *severe pain* *severe tim to cry now*

  • Hives sounds a lot like flea bites I can just imagine how horrible that would be...


  • Omg

  • The second I saw the recycle dog I remember the episode of The Amazing Adventures of toy 9:44

  • Somehow, everything about this experience is incredibly relatable, and as someone who has worked in medicine-adjacent fields a lot of my adult life, completely infuriating. It's like everything about this aligns with how people typically act in response to medical emergencies that are not obviously immediately life threatening, and when it's *my* fingers turning blue for no reason, I end up doing the same thing. But when it's someone else, just about everything about this sets off every "Goddammit, why don't patients know anything about how their own bodies work!" alarm under the sun.

  • the most worse pain i've had is when i had hepatitis b dam boeh mah kidney gave up inside of me

  • Alt title: jaiden being itchy for 12 minutes

  • It's not ari it's sleeping only when she was sleeping she gets it

  • The immune system is demonic

  • Anyone else internally yelling "GO TO THE HOSPITAL!" by the time it reached her back?

  • Gross crap warning! I had something similar. Basically I got a really bad sunburn, but for the next few days, it looked horrible, like, the worst a burn could be, like I had been lit on fire a week ago, but somehow didn't hurt. (My skin was literally flaking from how bad it was) And than itching came out the gate so hard I felt physical pain immediately. I got sone lotion and sat next to an air conditioner for (I'm not exaggerating) 5 hours. The next day, it was worse. (On and off) I then went to a hospital and got diagnosed. As it turns out, the reason I didn't feel pain for a while is because my nerves there were broken. It was so bad that my nervous system was BROKEN. The pain and itching was actually from my nerves repairing themselves and malfunctioning due to being half broken. It got more sporatic the next day, but still often, and still really bad. Needless to say, I wear a lot more sunscreen now.

    • I also found out I'm alleegic to the sun. (Just more vulnerable to sunburns)

  • I’m sad for jaiden because she had to go through hives at Christmas time the best time of the year to me

    • Also jaiden this is not about hives or anything I just I’m a work in progress youtuber and I decided to start making animations but I play games to and can you help me draw just wondering.

  • I had a allergic reaction XD it was weird but didn't get an eppy pen lol

  • Devil just did the pog 4:00

  • wait until you have dermatographic urticaria or cold urticaria -_- do anything with cold you get itchy, huge hives. and my dad was like you where except all he needed was to drag the back of his fingernail across the area and boom itchy welts.

  • I got some real resi 2 vibes frome the hive beasts

  • I’m scared of bugs


  • I too had hives until now, it started in December 2020 and I don't know why. Now it doesn't show often but i suffered for 3 months and when i had a lip infection, i was given medicine to relieve it for about 2 days and comes back worse after. I just scratched it with my comb and put baby powder, it gets numb so I don't have to worry. It wears off for about hours sometimes a day, it was mostly painful in the palms and soles, it was like needles poking and ants biting you continuously and if you touch something with it, it gets more painful ESPECIALLY when i had to wash the dishes and water the plants with a HEAVY watering can. I thought it was my bed at first, which it was and then i moved to a bedroom with my brother and it changed so fast and now it just appears suddenly

    • It was most annoying when its in your face especially your eyes. It mostly in the lips and eyes and rarely in the cheeks, its hard to open your eyes and when its in your nose, trust me its hard to breath and it gets itchy in your throat

  • i feel so baddddd ;-;

  • F(jm

  • Jaiden:swears The devil:P O G

  • 9:37 lol twilight zone

  • 7:49 you thought i was gonna not notice that lol i died when i saw that

  • I did witness dis, when I was a baby

  • Ngl my girly looks like a 🍓🐮 (strawberry cow)

  • I know the pain that happened to me and uh it was normal to me cause I have a skin condition

  • I would not recommend people go to family friends as doctors. They can begin to have biases at recommendations. It worked in this video, but I wouldn’t say you should go to family friend doctors.

  • Okay so one time I was sunburnt all over my arms and like a week later my skin was extremely dry which caused extreme itching similar to this.

  • I had a sickness that’s like that I was lucky enough to have a good docter that took a week to find

  • What are hives

  • maybe it wouldn't get so bad if you didn't scratch it

  • Jaiden: I've never had hives until back in December, and it was the worst thing that's ever phisically happened to me! Also Jaiden: **had anorexia in once her life** Me: M-hm, yeah, definitely the worst thing that's ever physically happened to you.

  • I like how Jesus is reading the recycle pet book

  • Abby